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30 Days Wild ? Day 20

Outstanding news
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30 Days Wild ? Day 20 30 Days Wild ? Day 20

30 Days Wild ? Day 20

A slippery sort of a day, blue sky to start then rain, then warm sun and eventually heavy rain, it was hard to know how many layers and of what type to wear and every time I went out I … Continue reading →

A slippery sort of a day, blue sky to start then rain, then warm sun and eventually heavy rain, it was hard to know how many layers and of what type to wear and every time I went out I got it wrong. The wildlife seemed equally confused, at Ivy South Hide as I opened up in thick cloud the grass snakes were “basking” on the tree stump.
the largest grass snake
By the time I set out with the volunteers at 10:00 to work on the eastern shore of Ibsley Water, the sun was strong and the sun block was out in force. Ten minutes later when we got there, grey clouds were threatening and curtains of rain could be seen falling to the south-west. Luckily, and to my surprise, we got away with it and managed to return still more or less dry. On the return journey I noticed a mullein plant with the telltale tattered leaves caused by munching mullein moth caterpillars.
mullein moth caterpillar
Our tern rafts have mainly been occupied by gulls again this year, this is to be expected as gulls far outnumber terns. There are about twenty pairs of terns nesting though and many now have chicks.
Raft with black-headed gull families
There are still a few common tern seemingly loafing around on Ibsley Water, I assume off-duty birds whose partners are still sitting on eggs, but perhaps non-breeders.
common tern
The picture, with wings open shows a clear identification feature of the species, the darker outer primaries. The reason for this is that the outer four or five of the wing feathers much older than the inner ones and so more worn. The white edges wear away more quickly which means older feathers look darker, forming a definite dark wedge in the outer-wing. The reason this helps with identification because the most similar tern species, the Arctic tern moults all of its wing feathers in one continuous sequence, meaning that there is no such contrast between the newest and oldest wing feather, making the wing look the same all along its length.
Warm wet weather is perfect for slime moulds, the really weird end of nature and a group I have featured a few times before.
Fuligo septica
This one has various names, one is troll butter, but there are many more.
The bark chippings in the raised beds at the Centre also has some, at first I though just one type but a closer look suggests at least two. A close look is essential as the fruiting bodies are very small indeed.
Slime mould fruiting body looking like tiny strings of pearls
Close up they look like minute stylised trees.
slime mould possibly Physarum album
Taking a closer look is when I realised that not all of them had white stems and spherical tops.
A different slime mould
Even closer

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30 Days Wild ? Day 20 30 Days Wild ? Day 20


News source: Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve
Publication date: 21-06-2019 16:04
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