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*GUEST BLOG* Designing events for Millennials, Gen Z and below

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*GUEST BLOG* Designing events for Millennials, Gen Z and below *GUEST BLOG* Designing events for Millennials, Gen Z and below

*GUEST BLOG* Designing events for Millennials, Gen Z and below

By the end of 2020, Millennials are expected to dominate the global workforce (35%), while in the UK we are already seeing them reach this status (50%). Not far behind, Gen Z (mid-1990s ? 2010s) are already having an impact on the way we structure our working lives, with their new-age mindset influencing business decisions such as hyper-connectivity and reassessing company ethics.
With generational change, comes a responsibility for event planners to consider new event formats and activities to align with their evolving demographic.
Having only known a highly connected world, Gen Z expect to consume information quickly and conveniently. Detailed presentations and lengthy meetings aren?t going to cut it, so event planners need to think creatively to maintain the quality of information absorbed without increasing the quantity.
This is what we call the ?Experience Effect?. No longer will events be reviewed by the excess of their giveaways or the amount of information shared, but by the experience attendees had from pre-arrival to post-event. Greater attendee engagement leads to higher output, and a higher output leads to a greater return on investment.
Recognising these evolving changes, at ETM, we take these considerations seriously, which is why we map out the delegate experience from the very first touchpoint to the very last. 
We incorporate meaningful, high impact, technology such as customisable event apps, live streaming and digital walls into the overall event strategy, as an effort to drive engagement and improve efficiency.
App technology is becoming increasingly popular, with buyers recognising the value of connecting their delegates before they set foot at the venue. From instant messaging and social walls, through to gamification and pre-event information, apps can be used as the event?s foundation and provide a great source of digital information for effective ROI measurement.
For example, at the request of one customer to facilitate a more social environment for staff from various offices meeting for the first time, ETM developed a ?social wall? within the customer?s event app. Delegates were able to share photos throughout the three-day conference, and engage with others by liking or commenting. By replicating their usual social media habits, the delegates began to get to know colleagues in a way that felt familiar and un-forced.
App technology also encourages audience participation during speaker sessions, mitigating the issue of audience stage-fright, by allowing delegates to ask anonymised questions or provide comments. There?s also opportunity for speakers to upload FAQs prior to sessions to assist with any pre-empted questions. By doing so, event organisers can reduce the length of sessions, resulting in higher levels of engagement throughout.
But what about the other elements of an event" We are also observing new trends emerge in the format and theme of events, as businesses adhere to a heightened considerati...
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*GUEST BLOG* Designing events for Millennials, Gen Z and below *GUEST BLOG* Designing events for Millennials, Gen Z and below


News source: Business Travel Show
Publication date: 13-02-2020 16:06
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