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Gammon Steak, Egg & Chips

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Gammon Steak, Egg & Chips Gammon Steak, Egg & Chips

Gammon Steak, Egg & Chips

Sometimes I like to treat Todd to a pub fare meal on a weeknight.  Pubs here in the UK are somewhat similar to Diners in North America, in that they usually serve nice comfy meals, home style. They also serve alcohol.  Some do the meal thing really well and others not so well. It is hit and  miss really.  Some just re-heat frozen food.
They offer a variety of things on the menu, but most will offer meat pies and chips, roast dinners, fish and chips, curries, etc. and most will also have Gammon Steak, Egg & Chips.  You will normally be asked if you want a ring of pineapple with it or peas.
A gammon steak is like a thick slice of uncooked ham or green ham. It can be smoked or unsmoked, and, unlike ham you MUST cook it before you eat it, like bacon in a way, but quite different in flavour and consistency.  It comes from the leg of a pig whereas bacon comes from the belly.

Todd will sometimes order the Gammon, Egg & Chips, but I have always found it quite disappointing myself. Hardly worth the money paid.
Today I decided to make him a Gammon Steak, Egg & Chips dinner from scratch, here at home that he could really enjoy.
I did use oven chips, but I used really good ones, thick steak cut, gastro style chips . . .  you could of course fry them from scratch if you wanted to but these are actually quite good and in all truth that's all you get in most pubs anyways, deep fried frozen chips.
When we are eating eggs like this, I always like to use the freshest free range eggs that I can get. With brilliant yellow yolks, they taste so good when simply fried in butter. 
I like to get the butter foaming and crack in the eggs, and then I cook them slowly, basting them with the fat in the pan until the edges are crisp and golden, but the yolks still a bit wobbly . . .
The gammon is also fried. I rub it with some dry mustard powder first for a bit of spice.  I fry it in a bit of olive oil until crisp and caramelised on the edges and cooked through.
I added oven roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine that I cooked at the same time as the chips.  Perfect!
I drizzled them with a bit of olive oil and scattered them with some sea salt and cracked black pepper before roasting.  So tasty!
We had frozen petite pois with ours.  Simply cooked in the microwave. 2 minutes on high, in a small covered container does the trick. I never add any water.

All in all this was most delicious.   Todd enjoyed his along with a slice of buttered bread on the side.
Yield: 2
Author: Marie RaynerPrint
With ImageWithout ImageGammon Steak, Egg & ChipsPub Fare on a weeknight for a simple supper.ingredients:1 thick sliced gammon steak, cut in half crosswisesome olive oilsalt and black pepper to taste1/2 tsp dry mustard powder1 spring of cherry tomatoes on the vine2 portions of frozen gourmet style oven chipsknob of butter2 large...
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Gammon Steak, Egg & Chips Gammon Steak, Egg & Chips


News source: The English Kitchen
Publication date: 09-10-2019 16:06
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