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Cashew Nut Butter Flapjack

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Cashew Nut Butter Flapjack Cashew Nut Butter Flapjack

Cashew Nut Butter Flapjack

These delicious flapjacks are a healthy alternative to traditional, sugary flapjack recipes. Cashew nut butter, unlike normal butter, contains heart-healthy unsaturated fat and is rich in iron and magnesium. The subtle taste of cashew nut butter works well in baking, although it can be substituted for other nut butter; for a nutty flapjack try peanut …
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These delicious flapjacks are a healthy alternative to traditional, sugary flapjack recipes. Cashew nut butter, unlike normal butter, contains heart-healthy unsaturated fat and is rich in iron and magnesium.
The subtle taste of cashew nut butter works well in baking, although it can be substituted for other nut butter; for a nutty flapjack try peanut butter and for a more bitter flapjack try almond butter.
Agave nectar, with its much lower glycemic index than other sugars, helps to keep insulin levels stable and removes the spike in insulin that normally follows the consumption of sugary food.


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Cashew Nut Butter Flapjack Cashew Nut Butter Flapjack


News source: Blog Chef
Publication date: 11-05-2019 16:12
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1/2 cup diced bell pepper1/3 cup chopped onion1/4 cup butter1 can cream of chicken soup3/4 cup milk2 cups cooked and cubed chicken3/4 shredded cheddar ...
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1 (12-inch) pizza crust1 pkg (12-oz) shredded Cheddar cheese1 lb cooked shredded barbecued beef4 slices red onion, separated into ringsPreheat oven to ...
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