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The Self-Adhesive Intricacies of Marco Maggi ? with the Lights Off

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The Self-Adhesive Intricacies of Marco Maggi ? with the Lights Off The Self-Adhesive Intricacies of Marco Maggi ? with the Lights Off

The Self-Adhesive Intricacies of Marco Maggi ? with the Lights Off

New York-based artist Marco Maggi cuts and arranges thousands of tiny pieces of self-adhesive paper. These complex collages are often contained in traditional frames behind protective glass – but this month, his work can be viewed directly affixed to the gallery walls in a walk-through exhibition of chance discovery. The exhibition titled ?Initialism (from Obscurantism... Read more »

New York-based artist Marco Maggi cuts and arranges thousands of tiny pieces of self-adhesive paper. These complex collages are often contained in traditional frames behind protective glass – but this month, his work can be viewed directly affixed to the gallery walls in a walk-through exhibition of chance discovery. The exhibition titled ?Initialism (from Obscurantism to Enlightenment)? is on view at the Josée Bienvenu Gallery in New York through November 16th, and contains both the incredibly complex framed works, and a full-room installation. The only catch is: The lights are off.
Waiting to Survace (Capital A), 2018 (detail)
Waiting to Surface (Lowercase a), 2019
Waiting to Surface (Lowercase a), 2019 (detail)
Before describing the dark room, there is a beautifully sunlit room in the back of the gallery that contains the framed works. These mostly white collages offer surprises at every square inch.
And it?s important to describe just how impossibly tiny the pieces are within these works. As an example – many artworks appear to include tiny black or blue dots made with a fine-tipped pen ? but these TOO are cut pieces of colored paper.
Waiting to Surface (U), 2019
Waiting to Surface (U), 2019 (detail)
Marco uses self-adhesive paper ? a material that eliminates the mess, bulk, and additional step of using glue. It also allows for a ?backwards? method of collage when positioning the smallest pieces.  For this, he can apply a larger sticker first, cut a tiny piece, and remove the excess.
Waiting to Surface (E), 2019
Waiting to Surface (E), 2019 (detail)
I?ve always imagined Marco?s work to be areal views of alien cities. Marco however, equates everything he does with written language. Though the works are abstract (there is no way to ?read? them that I?ve deciphered) – the titles hint at his obsession with text and the alphabet: ?Waiting to Surface (Capital A)? is near the smaller ?Waiting to Surface (Lowercase a)?.
In ?Palindromo? (pictured below), 2 framed compositions are exact but reversed copies of each other ? and rather than title them ?mirror images?, or ?Rorschach?, he chose to title them by the Spanish word for ?Palindrome? ? the name for a word that reads the same backward as forward.
Palindromo, 2019
Palindromo, 2019 (detail)
Palindromo, 2019 (detail)
A quote from the artist in the press release reveals his concern and curiosity about the continued abbreviation of our writing, and what the future may hold:
?Words lose letters every day: abbreviations, acronyms, leet-speak, shorthand, truncation: all strategies to s...
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The Self-Adhesive Intricacies of Marco Maggi ? with the Lights Off The Self-Adhesive Intricacies of Marco Maggi ? with the Lights Off


News source: Design Milk
Publication date: 17-09-2019 16:10
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