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health - Outstanding news

health - Outstanding news

Dr. Ben Danielson answers parents’ questions about vac

Parents of young children and babies have lots of questions about COVID-19 vaccines. Beloved local pediatrician Dr. Ben Danielson is here to help. The ...
06-08-2022 16:18

Be ready for smoky days: Make a 1-minute box fan filter

A simple box fan filter can keep your indoor air cleaner on days when there\'s wildfire smoke outside. It\'s quick and easy to do, and much cheaper th ...
05-08-2022 16:15

How to teach kids about nutrition

Sharing some ideas on how to set healthy examples for kids, teach them about health, and get them excited about nutrition. Hi friends! How?s the week ...
02-08-2022 16:16

My top supplements to support immunity

Unfortunately, winter = cold and flu season? which means giving your body some extra love and care. Seasonal changes in the environment, such as coole ...
02-08-2022 16:16

You Need Some Smarter Clothing

Much as I?d love to write about Instagram?s feud with the Kardashians over changes to the Instagram feed, and how that and proposed changes to Faceboo ...
02-08-2022 16:16

Latest updates on monkeypox vaccine in King County

Public Health has received the next distribution of vaccine for monkeypox. With this limited supply, read an update on our planning for getting theses ...
28-07-2022 16:15

No AC" Can?t open your windows" Here?s how to stay

When it?s hot outside, it can be miserable inside if you don?t have air conditioning or can?t open your windows. These tips can help when it feels lik ...
27-07-2022 16:17

Baked Cinnamon & Maple Pears

Who doesn?t love a healthy yet decadent dessert" These baked pears are so soft and juicy, and paired with the yoghurt, it makes for a nourishing and c ...
26-07-2022 16:15

I Was Wrong

The New York Times had an interesting set of op-eds last week under the theme ?I Was Wrong.?  For example, Paul Krugman says he was wrong about infla ...
26-07-2022 16:15

Fit Team – monthly strength training plans

and let?s get some momentum as we head into fall! Hi friends! How?s the week going" Ours has been a good one so far. Things kind of got shuffled aroun ...
26-07-2022 16:15

10 of my favorite health Instagram accounts to follow

Sharing my top 10 health and wellness accounts to follow on Instagram. Hi friends! Happy Monday! How?s the day going so far" I got a sub for today?s c ...
25-07-2022 16:16

Available Now: Pelvic Floor + Core + Weighted Abs Plan

Pelvic Floor and Core + Weighted Abs Plan (new) $23.00 Add to cart USE CODE: CORE15 FOR 15% OFF T ...
24-07-2022 16:16

Crispy Ranch Air Fryer Chickpeas

Sharing this quick and healthy snack recipe for crispy ranch air fryer chickpeas! Hi hi! How is the day going" We?re chilling here at home and taking ...
22-07-2022 16:16

Korean Braised Short Ribs (Galbi Jjim)

These ribs were so tender and braised in a savory sweet sauce! It was easy to pull apart! A small red apple was grated into the sauce for a little spe ...
21-07-2022 16:17

Chili Oil Avocado Sourdough Toast

A simple 5 minute breakfast! Toasted bread, cream cheese + sliced avocado topped with chili oil for a kick of spice! I love avocado toast with a poach ...
20-07-2022 16:17

Nordstrom Sale Fitness and Under $50 Finds

Sharing some of my fave fitness and under $50 finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Hi friends! How are you" I hope your week is going well. Ours ...
20-07-2022 16:17

ASK MISS RONA: COVID-19 Vaccine For Babies and Young Childre

Ask Miss Rona is a Q&A series on Public Health\'s Instagram account to respond to community questions related to different topic areas of COVID-19. Qu ...
19-07-2022 16:17

Jess’ Inside-Out Skincare Routine Essentials

I believe that looking after your skin from both inside and out is a true act of self-care that can support your overall wellbeing and confidence. The ...
19-07-2022 16:17

Be Careful What You Wish For

I read the Stat News investigative piece ?Health care?s high rollers,? by Bob Herman and colleagues, with interest but not much surprise.  I mean, is ...
19-07-2022 16:17

The Health Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a simple exercise that improves health by increasing skin circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. How do you get started and ...
18-07-2022 16:16


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